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Featured Projects

Emil's two latest projects are unlike any other. He has now stepped into the world of mural art and currently has not one, but TWO murals displayed at The Sweetgrass Inn, a new hotel located at the Wild Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms, SC.

You can find the first mural illuminated by the spotlight behind the bar in the hotel lobby. It's an oyster tree that consists of over 7,000 nails all drilled by hand and oyster shells placed strategically throughout the tree. It truly is a one of a kind design.

The second mural makes a bold statement behind the outside pool bar as it displays the Morris Island Lighthouse using the powerful bright colors Emil is known for using throughout his work. 

Two of Emil's pieces chosen by the city of Goose Creek, SC to be wrapped around the electricity boxes found at major intersections throughout the town.

The town hall of Mount Pleasant displays oyster statues that local artists can paint to display their work. Here you will see Emil's recreation of his piece "The Calm Before the Storm".